Old News
"Stuff you probably don't even care about anymore..."

12/27/02 We got the next LAN set. We'll have it in the Garcia building at 1521 w 13 st. on Jan. 11. More information can be found in the forums.
12/26/02 Ugh, ok now Christmas is over...Whew! For those of you who don't know, I work at the Post Office. This means the hardest time of the year is now over for me, so back to the LANs! More information on this soon!
12/09/02 Got a ut2003 server running the rocketarena lite mod posted on the files page. You must read the readme throroughly to get everything working, but then you should be able to connect to See you there!
12/09/02 Been a long time since last update, but this month is super-hectic for me...Family, work, sleep, etc. Next LAN will probably be 2nd weekend of January, just didn't manage to get one going for December...Sorry.
11/18/02 I also managed to get the rundown for CAGLAN18 done today, along with minor updates throughout the site. Check out the miscellaneous page for the link to the CAG18 rundown.
11/18/02 CAGLAN18 was a blast...Too bad many of the Air Force people had to miss it. We had plenty of people, plenty of games, and we got plenty of pics to show for it. :-)
11/11/02 UrbanTerror 2.6 got released this last weekend. The files are mirrored on now, and maybe this will breathe some new life into the mod.
11/02/02 Ok, sorry for the false alarm, but we'll have CAGLAN18 on the weekend of November 16. More details will be known by Wednesday (location, etc.). Get registered now!
10/28/02 Barring major catastrophe, CAGLAN18 will be the weekend of November 8-10. We'll know for sure in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!
10/28/02 Minor update to reflect developments and changes that I've been too lazy to do earlier, nothing major. Also, I started weeding out the files section. Gone is the entire Half-Life section.
10/26/02 Got bored, couldn't sleep, so I did one of the rundowns for our LANs. I haven't done one of these since like CAGLAN6, but they're kinda fun, so check it out here.
10/26/02 Holy crap, I can't believe I forgot to mention that Paul from donated the two Pentium4 motherboards we handed out last weekend. Safari won one in the tournament, and Georgia Garcia won one in the raffle. We thank Paul and for their generosity, and congratulations to these two winners!
10/24/02 I finally managed to get most of the site updated yesterday and today. The people page has been updated as well as the pics pages for CAG14 (with pictures previously thought missing), CAG16, and CAG17. Links to the pics pages can be found here.
10/23/02 CAG17 was a phenomenal success. We set a new attendance record, as well as a max-count-of-computers record. The folks at Oneighty were amazingly gracious, and I'd like to thank them again for putting up with us. I'm working on the details for the next CAGLAN, and an announcement will be coming shortly. *yay*
10/23/02 Well, after my typical post-LAN illness, I've finally gotten around to working on the site again. The pictures for the last two LANs will be posted shortly, and hopefully I can get the peole page updated.
10/14/02 It's hard to update your website when your connection is on the fritz. My little craplon linux router has been having a real hard time lately...It started acting funny when I moved. Oh well, sorry for the inconsistent updates, and I _KNOW_ I am falling behind, etc. :-(
10/08/02 Just got moved into my new house, so updates should resume...The q3 1.32 Win32 patch is on the site, the other patches will follow soon. :-)
09/27/02 Minor update to the files area today...Added ut2003 demos and the Proball mod for quake3. I'm going to have to clear off space and that means deleting files off the server, so you had better grab anything you are going to grab before I start trashing stuff. :-)
09/24/02 Until further notice, we are planning on October 18 (Friday) as the date for CAGLAN 17. The LAN will start about 7pm on Friday and go until Sunday morning about midnight or so.
09/22/02 Sorry for the lack of updates since the last LAN. I've been real busy these last few weeks, and I will continue to be busy for at least another week and a half. It looks like October 18 and 19 will be the date for the next LAN, we'll make a post and email announcement as soon as all the other details get hammered out. :-)
09/06/02 CAGLAN16 will probably be held in the old Domino's building on 21st street just east of Thornton. It's on the north side of the street and it's between Al's Pets and that Dish Network place. Many thanks go out to HellRaiser and DeathMaker for helping put this LAN together! :-)
08/31/02 CAGLAN16's date has been set. Important details like WHERE it's going to be are still being worked on, but we'll have a LAN on the 14th somewhere. :-) DeathMaker and Hellraiser have volunteered to organize and run this LAN, since I'm going to be very busy and broke this next month. They're really enthusiastic about getting this LAN rolling!
08/28/02 With another of our 'eulogies', we bid farewell to Gyno Rhino (humptiness4ever). While he only attended a few of our LANs (due to work commitments), he always managed to make the LAN more fun. If it wasn't by bringing something we've never seen before to the LAN, his nick alone brought more than one smile. :-) Gyno is moving to be with his new wife and we wish him all the luck in the world!
08/28/02 This next month or so will be really busy for me. I'm not sure when I can squeeze a LAN in for late September/early October. I might be interested in someone else taking over for a month. If you are interested in this, please contact me and we'll see what we can work out. :-)
08/28/02 Ok, so the site's been idle since CAGLAN15. I've been pretty busy, which sucks because I'm actually on vacation. :-) Anyway, C15 was a blast, and I'd like to thank everybody who LAN'd and also those who just stopped by to say 'hi'. Thanks to everybody for all the encouragement and support, too. :-)
08/28/02 Finally got off my lazy ass and started updating the site. :-) The pics page for CAGLAN15 is finally up. It kinda looks like my camera lens needs cleaned...
08/16/02 Woot! We've got a building all lined up for CAGLAN 15! The building is at the corner of Ashford and Oakhurst. Can't remember the address...It's a large yellow building. North of Furr's, East of Arby's, and 1 block south of Border Supply. More details will be announced for the LAN shortly.
08/16/02 A quick note regarding the email addresses. Due to abuse by some people, these addresses are not going to be available until I work out some sort of solution. I will enable these aliases if/when I need to make an announcement. I hope you understand. These addresses are just aliases of your current email address that you provided to us and won't interrupt your service at all. If you have used your email address to register for anything or you are expecting mail to that address, please contact me and we'll get you all set up. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope to get all this working properly again soon.
08/11/02 This past weekend many of you received emails (many of you received multiple copies) regarding CAGLAN with ominous overtones and some 'emergency contact information'. These emails are not endorsed by CAGLAN, and the contact information is not contact information for CAGLAN. Please continue to refer all suggestions and questions regarding CAGLAN to me.
08/09/02 With this post we bid farewell to Ernie Bailey (D.U.S.K). By far the hardest nickname to type, Ernie has been with us since the start. His enthusiasm and comraderie has been unmatched at CAGLAN, and he will be missed. Ernie's duties with the Air Force are taking him away from us and he ships out this month.
08/09/02 There a bevy of changes in store for CAGLAN. Details will be forthcoming as soon as we get everything hammered down. The only bad part about this is we may miss our September LAN. If we do have a LAN in September, it will probably not be announced until about a week before. *sorry*
08/09/02 Sorry for the delay in the postings. The pictures and stats pages will be updated sometime soon, though not tomorrow (going to SALAN).
08/02/02 Got bored, so I decided to give the site a bit of a facelift. Because of CSS, the entire freaking site is easier to change the appearance of than our forums are. :-)
07/19/02 Ok, since I have finally gotten my cpma server up, its official...No more RA3 dedicated at CAGLAN. We are now moving to cpma. Here's a good page to get your started on configs and such. You will also have to move all of your ra3 maps to either your baseq3 folder or your cpma folder.
07/05/02 I'm thinking of moving our ra3 server over to a cpma server. This will mean more downloading and tweaking and config editing on the gamers' parts, so you should probably start reading up on the mod. This should result in a more stable and enjoyable ra3 experience. More details to follow!
07/04/02 For all of you that have heard about that Army game or whatever...Here is a link to the game. I haven't tried it yet, so no guarantees.
07/01/02 The date for CAGLAN XIV is set now for August 3. Get over to the forums now and get signed up! We will again be charging the usual $10/$7 scheme, so it pays to register!
07/01/02 Whew, our anniversary CAGLAN XIII is over with and I'd like to thank all the people who turned out! We had a good turnout and plenty of good gaming and good food!
06/12/02 Now that LOBO has made it back, we've decided to make our one year anniversary (CAGLAN XIII) FREE OF CHARGE. We want everybody to come out and fill our building up! We're going to make this a two-day event, so no one has an excuse to miss out on the action!
05/28/02 CAGLAN XII will be the usual $10, unless you register ($7). We will be having a raffle for a 30GB Hard Drive (~$65 value), so someone's going to get real lucky!
05/28/02 I've fired up an UrbanTerror server on the site. I'll alternate between this and the usual RocketArena server unless I experience some of the old problems with the q3ut2 server. You never know what you're gonna get on nowadays. :-)
05/23/03 There's several of those cutesie surveys that ask silly questions and get you to fill out a form. One that actually drew my attention was the Oldschool Test...How Oldschool Are You? Check it out.
05/14/02 Having been an avid Unreal Tournament gamer before I went to the dark side and became a Quaker, I am excited to see the new website for UnrealTournament2003. This game is going to kick major ass.
05/10/02 I've built some stats for our ra3 server on Unfortunately, I deleted the log files so the stats will get reset next time I update the page. *oops*
05/08/02 The date for CAGLAN XII has been set...June 1. Get to the forums and pre-register!
05/08/02 Thanks to everyone who turned out for CAGLAN XI. We had several new faces and everyone seemed to have a blast!
04/28/02 Minor update today...Posted some of the new banners Prognar made for us. They're spread out along the site.
04/28/02 For those of you that might have noticed, our q3 server on has been experiencing difficulties. We think Jerimiah has found the cause and he will probably fix it real soon.
04/28/03 Version 315 of TacticalOps, a mod for Unreal Tournament got released recently and has found it's way to the files page. I think we should give this a go at CAGLAN XI...
04/24/02 After some thoughtful discussion among the council, we have decided to ban speakers at CAGLAN in favor of headphones. You may bring one speaker if it is used as a volume control for your headphones. Sorry about this decision, but some people were getting annoyed at so much noise going on.
04/23/02 We've updated our payment policy to attract more new people. Please check out the FAQ to see how you can save more money!
04/23/02 We will have a smoking section for the smokers at our LAN starting with CAGLAN XI. The smoking section will be in one of the cozy boxcars and should make all the non-smokers jealous. :-)
04/14/02 The pics page for CAGLAN X finally got posted today. We apparently didn't get as many pics as normal, but that's probably due to the absence of our official picture-taker girl. :-(
04/10/02 Until further notice, there should be a ra3 server on If we experience problems with it crashing, etc. it will be taken down. Enjoy it while it's up!
04/08/02 Details on CAGLAN XI will be posted soon. We're looking into what features and fun we can provide with the minimal effort. hehe
04/08/02 CAGLAN X was a smashing success. We had more people than anticipated, but we handled it. The 2x2 RA3 tourney was won by Gyno Rhino and Safari Jack. Congratulations!
04/08/02 Thanks to the participants of the RA3 tournament for putting up patiently with all the issues we had. We'll try hard to be better prepared for the next LAN.
04/02/02 Ok, we've got two $25 gift certificates to EB for our 2x2 RA3 tourney. If you want the goods, you gotta compete!
03/24/02 Thanks to some thought-out comments in the forums and some emails we've received, we have changed the plans for CAGLAN X. We will now drop the price to $10/$5, and will supply drinks and pizza. Thanks for the feedback!
03/12/02 CAGLAN X will be a full-on hosted LAN. We will be providing drinks and snacks, and maybe even food (depends on finances). We will be having a 2x2 RocketArena tourney, so practice up, kids. Prices are tentatively set at $15 if you don't register, and $10 if you do, so be sure to sign up!
03/09/02 We have gotten a server up and running on Just edit your registry to use for it's server and you are good to go! Use the forums to set up dates and times you are looking to game, maybe.
03/09/02 It seems as though one of our members, BrainFreeze got married yesterday (Friday)! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. BrainFreeze! *yay*
03/07/02 I've moved our homepage over to an HTML 4.0strict-compliant format using Cascading Style Sheets. Just a note that some older browsers won't render it properly. Sorry. All the previous posts have been moved to the old news page.
03/04/02 Starting with our next LAN, the registration process will now be handled in the forums. Please register with our forums to allow you to use this new process.
03/04/02 The stats pages seem to have worked as desired. I failed to get Counter-Strike stats due to a simple privelege problem on the Linux box. *doh*
03/04/02 I'm working on updating the pages and getting the pics of CAGLAN v9.0 up. Check back in a few days to see all the action from the LAN.
03/04/02 Wow, CAGLAN v9.0 was a blast. Plenty of gaming and files for everybody. I'd like to thank everybody who has helped us out in so many ways.
02/26/02 Ok, I've added that ugly-ass green highlight to the datestamps so people can more easily read our page without having to alter their font settings.
02/26/02 Be sure to check out the forums regularly since new gossip is going on there all the time...This page sometimes doesn't get updated for weeks!
02/26/02 The bathrooms will be completed by this weekend. Thanks to all the people who helped out. :-)
02/13/02 Now that the stats are completed, our next big project is getting the webcam(s) working properly. I've gotten a Counter-Strike server up on substance and I'll get the stats from that working, too. Maybe we'll get RtCW stats, too!
02/13/02 *WHEW* The stats are completed. I have built the scripts that will make my life so much easier and have tested it. There's only ra3 stats right now because the q3ut2 stats were all messed up. I look forward to seeing the stats grow (especially mine, teehee)! Check out the links to the stats pages on the Miscellaneous page.
02/13/02 Ok, I have posted the stats from our little mini-LAN last weekend. It appears as though the stats generator is not working well with UrbanTerror2.4, but here's a quick preview of the ra3 stats from last weekend.
02/12/02 The stats pages will be linked to the rundown pages for all subsequent LANs, starting with CAGLAN v9.0. There will also be a "running total" set of stats that will keep track of all stats over time. Should be very cool. :-)
02/12/02 Ok, I've been working on the stats pages for some time now...Should be ready to post soon. We will keep track of all stats running on any of our dedicated servers, but we will NOT accept log files from any other machines. Sorry.
02/12/02 Rather than starting from scratch to build our stats pages, we are going to use AEstats until something better comes along. It will be a bit before we get these fully implemented, but it will be SWEET when we do!
02/08/02 UrbanTerror 2.4 has been released. There are two versions, one is the full install (150MB) the other is an update from 2.3 (21.1MB). These are mirrored here. (Note, the big one will be there soon if it's not there.)
02/07/02 Unofficial LAN this weekend at lobo's. We're going to try out UrbanTerror2.4, if it actually comes out. I'm going to be whispering the sweet call of RocketArena to all who'll listen, though. ;-P
02/07/02 Starcraft/Brood War has been updated to 1.09. Not sure when this happened, but the files are mirrored here now. They added TCP/IP protocol for LANgaming, so we won't have to mess with IPX to game (3 years late, IMO).
02/06/02 We've got six banners for the site as of today, five from Prognar and 1 from Freakoffaleash. Check the other pages to see some of them. They all look fantastic and I'm hoping they will continue to send us more stuff.
02/06/02 There's a bit of a server outage today. Apache apparently keeps dying on kashmir and Jerimiah is working on it. Sorry for the troubles.
02/06/02 I updated the people page today with all the people I could identify. Please check out this page if you aren't updated yet and let me know who you are and what pic number is you. If I don't have your pic, let me know, too.
02/05/02 Updated the forums today to version 1.4.4. These forums should be a bit zippier and I also redesigned them today to stay inline with our new color scheme.
02/05/02 It seems as though maybe some people are missing out on CAGLANs due to a shortage of funds on the weekend we hold them. If you don't have the money right now but will pay later, then by all means ATTEND!
02/04/02 CAGLAN v8.0 pics page can be found here. Maybe this time I'll actually do an official breakdown page like I did for CAGLANs v1-6. Hmmmm...
02/04/02 A special, belated thanks to the people at They provided us with 15 free mousepads for CAGLAN v7.0 and I completely forgot to mention it earlier. Check out their site for great deals on hardware!
02/04/02 Ok, we got our first graphic up along with a new theme, what do you think? Thanks to Prognar for the banner. He made two and we are going to rotate them and more from Freak-off-a-Leash in the future. :-)
02/03/02 With some help from some of the CAGLANners, we're going to re-design with some new awesome graphics and some groovy Flash content. This may not happen for a while, but when it does, it'll be awesome!
02/03/02 With so many new faces at CAGLAN v8.0, I couldn't keep track of who was who. I'm going to post a page of thumbnails with all the new people on it, and have you guys please email me to tell me who you were. Keep an eye out.
02/03/02 CAGLAN v8.0 was a phenomenal success! We don't have an official count, but I think 29 sounds about right. :-)
01/31/02 CAGLAN v8.0 will have a $5 flat charge, except for out-of-towners. There will also be a sign-in sheet so we can keep track of who's showing up and who's a lamer that didn't come. ;-p
01/31/02 I need updated email information for the following CAGLANners: bender, phazer, clint, darthewok, thefuzz, prognar, sniper20/20, spaceacer.
01/30/02 Just a few more days until next LAN! I'm so excited! I have completed the Lego case and a page with all the pics can be found here.
01/23/02 There's been some requests for a tournament this next LAN. I don't have anything planned, but if you want to run a tournament, go nuts. I may come up with something between now and Feb2, we'll see.
01/23/02 Bid For Power finally got released. I posted it a few days ago, but here's official notice that it's available.
01/23/02 Until further notice, the Quake3 servers on are down. This includes Urban Terror. The map rotation apparently has some sort of bug and the server would just sit there wasting resources. Sorry.
01/23/02 However, a Return to Castle Wolfenstein server may be up on Since RtCW is based on the Quake3 engine, I suspect it will have the same problem with map rotation, but we'll see. Try it!
01/08/02 The official CAGLAN v7.0 rundown page will be posted in the next day or two (or sooner). I'm trying to compile a list of attendees and I will also update the People page soon, too.
01/08/02 Updated site to include the pics from CAGLAN v7.0. I'd like to thank everyone who showed up...The turnout was FAR better than I anticipated considering the weekend we had it on. It was a great LAN!
01/08/02 There's a new version of Corkscrew for Q3 posted.
01/08/02 Sorry for the long time in between updates, but now I have a monitor again, so they shall resume.
12/21/01 Q3 has been updated to 1.31. So much for the "final" update 1.30 was supposed to be. The linux and Mac versions will be mirrored here as soon as id gets around to building them, but the Win32 is already onthe files page.
12/21/01 Updated the files page and cleaned out some of the stuff we don't ever play. There's a new mod I'm going to try out called Generations Quake, so you might grab it if you have the bandwidth.
12/10/01 If you have the bandwidth and you play UrbanTerror, be sure to pick up the new maps from their MapContest. It's available on the files page.
12/06/01 Uploaded the pics and info pages for CAGLAN v6.0 and am working on updating a few other parts of the site, like the files page and the people page.
12/06/01 Ugh, sorry for the delayed update, but I've been sick since last CAGLAN. I think I might have contracted something from someone there, but it was all worth it!
11/27/01 We are going with a flat $5 charge for CAGLAN v6.0. We won't be supplying food or drink, we have been losing money like crazy on this and until further notice we won't be supplying these things. Sorry.
11/27/01 The Alliance 3.0 mod for Q3 has been released. It is a CTF mod that has some very cool features. I'm hoping to play this quite a bit at next CAGLAN.
11/27/01 Eternal Arena 5 Public Beta 3 has been released. Not sure what the changes are, but if it has TeleFrag Rails, then it kicks ass!
11/15/01 Damn, now D.U.S.K. is back from his deployment! Welcome back to you, too.
11/10/01 BrainFreeze has (ahem, almost) returned from his deployment! Welcome back!
11/08/01 The update to the site from our last LAN is now complete. I'm already looking forward to our next LAN on Dec.1!
11/07/01 The winner of the $40 drawing for last CAGLAN is Ahgnus. Sorry we forgot to take care of this at the LAN, but after 5+ hours straight of playing Urban Terror, it's understandable that we forgot. :-)
11/07/01 CAGLAN v5.0 was a blast. Not only did many people *cough* upgrade *cough* their systems, we played a crapload of games. Everyone seemed to have a good time, thanks to everyone who attended!
11/02/01 Registration closes around midnight tonight, so get registered if you aren't already! ;-)
11/02/01 Last update before CAGLAN v5.0. Eternal Arena 5 beta 2 is now available on the files page. We will be using this version of EA unless there is something horribly wrong with it.
10/29/01 There should be plenty of new goodies (movies, games, etc) at CAGLAN this weekend. I can't wait!
10/29/01 Ok, ok, so it's been over two weeks since last update, but give me a break...Will ya!
10/14/01 Instead of a tournament prize, we will be holding a raffle for $40. If you show up, you get a chance.
10/14/01 CAGLAN v5.0 will be a full-on hosted LAN. That means we will provide burgers and dogs along with sodas. Price will be the usual $10/$7 thing, so get registered.
10/08/01 CAGLAN v5.0 will be the weekend just after Halloween (Saturday, November 3). Details will follow shortly about the details.
10/04/01 Decided to archive all our old news in the OldNews page.
10/02/01 Ok, I'm just now starting to recover from CAGLAN v4.0. I'm starting to update the pages today, so keep an eye out for the new content.
09/28/01 Of course, just before our LAN, id has released the 1.30 patch for Quake3Arena. We've tried this update out and it's good to go, so either grab it here or get it at the LAN.
09/24/01 CAGLAN v4.0 will be a "cheap LAN." It will be $5, or $3 if you pre-register. Because of this, we will not be having an official tournament and we will not be providing food and drink, so be sure to bring your own!
09/14/01 Okay, we have decided on September 29 for our next LAN. Some conditions may change for this LAN, so keep an eye out for further announcements.
09/13/01 Date of the next LAN is not known yet. It looks like we might have a LAN on Columbus Day weekend, though, which is in about 2 weeks.
09/13/01 Minor updates today...Added a work-in-progress CAGLAN 3 Information page and updated the People page.
09/07/01 One day left to get your registration in. It looks like we'll have several new faces this time, and at least two people are coming from far, far away! I'm stoked! This should be the best CAGLAN yet!
09/04/01 Ok, so maybe I've been a bit lazy updating the page, but there really hasn't been much going on anywhere to report. The maps for the SC tournament will be revealed when the tournament starts. Sorry for the confusion.
08/25/01 The maps and gameplay for the unofficial Quake3 tourney have been chosen. Visit this page for details.
08/22/01 We will post the maps to be used for both the official SC tournament and the unofficial (bragging rights) Q3 tournament within the next couple of days. I suspect there will be about 4-5 SC maps and 6-10 Q3 maps.
08/22/01 Got the MS Strategic Commander in today, and I've been screwing around with it. It's nice, I want one. It takes some getting used to, though.
08/17/01 Big oops on our part. We failed to realize that Sept. 1 would be Labor Day weekend, so we are RESCHEDULING CAGLAN v3.0 FOR SATURDAY, SEPT. 8.
08/16/01 We are also working on testing some more maps for the Q3 tourney, so we don't just play on the base maps all the time. I'm trying to focus on small maps with good 1 on 1 gameplay and different weapons.
08/16/01 For CAGLAN 3.0 we will be having an official Starcraft tournament and an unofficial Quake3Arena tourney. More details will be forthcoming, but I have ordered a Microsoft Strategic Commander for the SC tourney.
08/14/01 Urban Terror beta 2.3 is out now, available on the files page. Be sure to grab the correct updater depending on if you updated to 2.2 earlier or not.
08/14/01 Tournament announcements for CAGLAN v3.0 will be made in the days to come.
08/14/01 Our apoligies for the site being down for almost a week. Deathandtaxes has been having problems with uploads inadvertantly destroying data on the server and he has been working on the issue.
08/08/01 Registration for CAGLAN v3.0 is open. Get registered to save money!
08/08/01 Many pages have been updated, including the page for CAGLAN v2.0.
08/06/01 CAGLAN 2.0 occurred last weekend, if you missed it you missed out. Darth Ewok and BrainFreeze won the RatPadz in the Q3UT2 tourney.
08/06/01 We're still working on updating the site to reflect this past LAN. The date for the next CAGLAN will be set finalized soon, too.
07/31/01 Most of the server issues have been worked out. Right now we are running one server at a time either CTF or a Q3Urban Terror server. More details can be found on the Information section.
07/30/01 The 2 on 2 Q3UT2 tournament will start around 2pm on Saturday.
07/28/01 We have settled on a 2 on 2 tourney of Quake3 Urban Terror 2. The exact details will be available at the LAN, since we haven't decided yet, but get practicing in Q3UT2!
07/25/01 Yogensha and DeathAndTaxes have figured out how to get some dedicated Quake3 servers running on These servers are still being worked out, but we should have them up and running soon!
07/23/01 After reviewing the financial details of CAGLAN v1.0, we have decided to up the admission to $10, or $7 if you register. After the last LAN, we netted about $8, which isn't enough to cover the prizes we are planning for CAGLAN v2.0. More on this later...
07/23/01 Sorry for the delay in an update. Several of the pages have been worked on in the past week. The Registration page is up for CAGLAN v2.0.
07/16/01 Whew! CAGLAN v1.0 went off with a bang. Everything was either as planned or better. The date for the next CAGLAN is set, but we're not accepting registration yet. Keep an eye on this page as some details may change. We will try to do the rest of the updates over the next week.
07/12/01 Only two more days until CAGLAN v1.0. Our building is nearly complete, thanks to the hard work of Lobo. If you haven't seen the building in the last week or so, you are in for a treat. What started as simply the only place large enough for us to LAN has been transformed. You will see...
07/10/01 The registration pages have been built. Please pre-register and pay $5 instead of $7 if you don't!
07/10/01 Lobo has gotten four more tables, and Alice has gotten us fifteen chairs, so seating and table space should not be a problem.
07/08/01 Started to provide links to mod-authors' pages, by request. If there are some pages and mods you know about that you would like posted, please let us know!
07/08/01 Minor update today, the pages have been moved around to make it easier for us to administer them. Please update your bookmarks.
07/08/01 We have started adding some drivers and update files for people's systems. These can be found here. If you would like any of your drivers mirrored here, please email them to me.
07/04/01 CAGLAN v1.0 is now confirmed to go off on Saturday, July 14. Check the information page for details.
06/25/01 Quake 3 Arena 1.29 seems to run smoothly all around. Please install and try it out before CAGLAN, though.
06/19/01 The new 1.29 update for Quake 3 Arena is posted in our Files section. This update is not yet standard for CAGLAN, but yogensha and DeathAndTaxes will try it out for a day or two and make a decision on this.
06/17/01 CAGLAN v1.0 is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 14. Keep an eye out for more announcements.
06/17/01 Saturday's LAN went well. Our barn is really starting to look nice.
06/15/01 has posted to most DNS servers, making it available to all. *yay*
06/15/01 Files section started. We will try to mirror all necessary files for our LANs.
06/15/01 Yogensha successfully installed our "Forums" sections. They look great, too. No JavaScript!
06/15/01 is now listed as unavailable, but it hasn't gotten through the DNS system yet. :-(
06/14/01 gets registered today.