CAGLAN v3.0 Unofficial Quake 3 Arena Tournament Details

Each pairing will have 3 matches, with the winner of 2 of 3 moving on to the next round.  There will be 3 gamemodes used, baseq3 (standard q3), telefrag rails (from Eternal Arena), and full load (from Eternal Arena).  Each gamemode is assigned 3 maps, and one of these maps will be randomly chosen for each match.  In other words, you will play one match of BaseQ3 on one of it's three maps.  You will play one match of Full Load on one of it's three maps.  You will play one match of Telefrag Rails on one of it's three maps.

The TimeLimit for each match will be 12 minutes, and the FragLimit will be 35.

Here's the breakdown of the gamemodes and the maps (these can be downloaded individually or you can grab them all here):
Game Mode Map 1 Map 2 Map 3
BaseQ3 pro-q3dm6 semper01q3 remorselessdm1
Full Load q3dm17 maxx unitooldm5
Telefrag Rails q3dm16 ikdm2 alkdm2

You will be assigned an opponent, and a pairing sheet stating the order of the game modes and maps.

This will all be randomly generated.

More details and/or changes will be forthcoming.  ;-p