CAGLAN17 (October 18-19, 2002) Rundown
"Junk You Probably Didn't Even Know Happened at the LAN."

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Who Attended (33+)
Darth Ewok
Sniper 20/20 (BlueKu)
Na Jin
Darth Vedder (Dude is like Pearl Jam mp3-central)
sk8boardin_fool (but only for a minute because he had to work, the bastard ;-P)
AceHigh (Who's overheating case with all it's fans brought the first CAG17 power outage, kickass!)
Tanjujitsu (Ok, he had like 12 fans in his case?!?)
Talonsharp (Havok) (Surely this won't be his last CAGLAN!!!)
Eric Pena
Goddess (PictureGirl)
Georgia Garcia
Spanish MerSINary
Kenny (This is Klingon's son.)
Immoraltwo (Showed up way too late because school's important. *bah* ;-P)
James Brandon
Mike Bouchard
Probably some other people that I can't remember.
Many people who were just checking us out but didn't play.

Total # Computers
Didn't get an official count, but I think we hit 31 at our peek! That was counted at about 9pm Saturday.

CAGLAN Landmarks Reached
Well, we exceeded 30 people for the first time...This was our attendance record, and we didn't even get an official count. I can recall 33 people who were participating, and about 8-10 people who were just observing.

Prizes, etc.
Safari won one of the P4 motherboards by defeating AceHigh in the Soldier of Fortune 2 tourney. Georgia Garcia won the other P4 motherboard in the raffle. Congrats to both!

Most Played Game
Battlefield 1942 definately wins this category hands-down. I think it was reported that there was a game with over 20 people in it at one time, which is like totally kick-ass!

"Impact Player" of the LAN
Ooh, this was a tough one to call. We'll call it a tie between ClubOverclocker (for supplying the kickass prizes) and Roach (who negotiated us using the kickass Oneighty building). I think both of these people made a major impact on the success of CAG17. Thanks again to both of them! :-)

"The Case" Award
Tanjujitsu brought his new case with something like 12 fans in it. The thing sounded like a jet taking off or a wind-tunnel or something. I had to tie my hair back when I approached it. hehe

Best Strategy of the LAN
It appeared as though Havok's use of the airplanes in Battlefield 1942 was causing the most, well, havoc. I don't know how many time I heard people yell that they had just had a bomb dropped on their asses by this guy. :-D

Useless Stat of the LAN
It took us like 25 seconds to find all the cracks we needed for UT2003, a game that was only out for like two weeks before this LAN. That was really pathetic, I mean...I thought copy-protection should last a bit longer than that. :-)